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NOVAK’S International s.r.o.

ID number 454 78 821

Smetanova 1368,

Otrokovice 765 02, 

Czech Republic

Entered at the Regional Court in Brno under File No. C 5101


The Seller is responsible to the Byuer that at the time of receipt:

 a)     the goods have properties, which the parties have agreed on, and in case of an absence of such agreement, those properties which the Seller or the manufacturer described, or which the Buyer has expected in accordance to the nature of the goods and the advertisement published by the Seller,

 b)      the goods are suitable for the purpose presented by the Seller, or to which such goods are  

         usually used,

 c)       the goods are in the right quantity, measure and weight,

 d)      the goods accord to the requirements of the legislation.

 The Buyer is obliged to check the goods at the delivery and inform the Seller on any defects. The Buyer is entitled to exercise the right from the defect within a period of twenty-four months from the date of receipt. If the Best before date is stated on the goods, the Seller is responsible for the goods to be suitable for the usual purpose and their usual properties are kept.

 The Buyer immediately notifies the Seller of any defects and the warranty claim must contain:

 -          order number,

 -          description of defects, how the function of the goods is affected by the defects etc.,

 -          copy of the delivery note, invoice and payment confirmation.

The Seller has to resolve the claim within 5 days of the receipt of the claim and notify the Buyer of the result via e-mail, if not agreed otherwise. The claim incl. removal of defects will be resolved without delay, within 30 days at the latest, if not agreed otherwise.

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